We all unite with emotions.

Let’s dive into speechless art.

Drop our fear through sensitive sounds.

And heal our hearts with shifting words.

Deniz Celebi – Author, Artist, and Musician based in Berlin, Germany.

I have a master’s degree in civil engineering specialized in statics and bridge construction. Since the industry can be very cold and harsh, my personal goal is to create emotional bridges through art and music. To compensate for the seriousness from society, I direct the focus to our inner feelings, sensitivity, senses and thoughts. That’s why I want to stimulate all of our senses through different media.

My artist-name is FEARDROP.


From all around the world, beautiful creators and non-creators get in touch with me for collaborations and commissions — anyone who resonates with my style of art.

f.e. poster design / book covers / merch design / tattoo art / album art / website (css/html) / icons / logo / wallpapers / podcast episodes / interviews / poetry collab / song collabs / featurings